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The delaPORTAL project began development in 1999 as a stand-alone document management system. As users' needs grew, a secured portal was wrapped around the product to support inclusion of an ever expanding list of optional modules. Using experience gained while working with Kickfire (a CRM portal company), we built a product utilizing the best combinations of security, features and scalibilty. Feedback from customers such as Sun Microsystems and Avon products provided the valuable input to create a rich feature set with superb ease of use. We have secured two of the weakest links in interent security by eliminating the need for FTP file transfers to document management, and bringing all email internal to the portal using web based email in a database environment. To restrict employees time playing on the internet via instant messengers, we have included a portal based IM client that is intra-company only, thereby allowing your IT staff to lock down your firewalls.

  • APS version: 1.1
  • Name: delaPORTAL
  • Version: 1.1-1
  • Vendor: delaPORTAL
  • Packager: Active Technologies
  • Certified for:

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