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Serendipity is a PHP-powered weblog application which gives the user an easy way to
maintain an online diary, weblog or even a complete homepage. Serendipity provides
the following features: WYSIWYG and HTML editing; built-in, powerful media database;
multiple authors, configurable permission/usergroup system; threaded comments, nested
categories, post to multiple categories; multiple languages; online plugin and template
repository for easy plug-and-play installation; plugins: category-based sub-blogs,
podcasting, RSS planet/aggregator, static pages; robust spam blocking; one-click upgrading
from any version; can be embedded into existing Web pages; native import from earlier blog
applications (WordPress, Textpattern, Moveable Type, bblog).

  • APS version: 1
  • Name: serendipity
  • Version: 1.1.2-31
  • Vendor:
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