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Movable Type 4
The world's most powerful and easy to use blog publishing platform.
It's easier than ever to publish and share information with Movable Type. With more than 50
new features, MT4 makes it simple to start a blog, manage entire websites and build an engaged community of readers and customers.

Installation instructions.
IIS Users: please read for configuring the application.
Hint: You may create the IIS virtual directory "@@application-root@@/cgi-bin" aliased to physical directory "@@application root@@/cgi-bin" with cgi execution permissions.
Following perl modules are required:
DBI (verion >= 1.21),
File::Spec (version >=0.8),
The full list of optional modules see at the Movable Type System Check page (@@application-root@@/cgi-bin/mt-check.cgi)

  • APS version: 1
  • Name: movabletype
  • Version: 5.2-11
  • Vendor:
  • Packager:
  • Certified for:

APS Package downloads are now available only by contacting the Vendor directly or by accessing the APS Catalog via an enabled Odin Automation or Parallels Plesk platform. If there is no entry in the platform for a listed package in this public APS Catalog, please contact the Vendor directly to obtain a copy of this class of APS packages.