Kaspersky Security Solutions for Business - 1.0-555

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Kaspersky Lab's program was created specifically to meet the needs of partners who want to grow their subscription service offering in cybersecurity – without additional administrative overheads or resources. From physical to virtual and mobile infrastructures, Kaspersky Lab's comprehensive portfolio can be delivered on-premises or from the cloud. With easy multi-tenant capabilities, light-yet-powerful tools enable you to deploy and manage security for all your customers from a single console – no need for additional hardware. Flexible licensing options will help increase sales revenues while world-class support and training mean you can position yourself as a strategic security partner to your clients.

  • APS version: 2.0
  • Name: Kaspersky Security Solutions for Business
  • Version: 1.0-555
  • Vendor: AO Kaspersky Lab
  • Packager: Ingram Micro Cloud

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