FusionSphere IaaS - 2-6

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FusionSphere IaaS allows the customer to create and control a VPC and manage all of its features. The FusionSphere IaaS APS package enables OSA service provider to sell VPCs to their customers. These can be deployed to a number of possible back end virtualization platforms based on the service provider's preference. After the APS package instance is created and a VPC is provisioned, the Customer Admin has the ability to login to the CCP and assign virtual private servers to individual service users in OSA (precise list in section “General Architecture”). After service user is assigned with resources, service user can view them in a list by logging into the service user view of OSA (MyCP). This enables the end user to control available virtual private servers in the MyCP.

  • APS version: 2.0
  • Name: FusionSphere IaaS
  • Version: 2-6
  • Vendor: Huawei
  • Packager: DEVTECH
  • Certified for: OA 7.1

APS Package downloads are now available only by contacting the Vendor directly or by accessing the APS Catalog via an enabled Odin Automation or Parallels Plesk platform. If there is no entry in the platform for a listed package in this public APS Catalog, please contact the Vendor directly to obtain a copy of this class of APS packages.